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Users on /r/Bitcoin Flexing Their BTC Profits

An interesting trend has been happening on Reddit‘s /r/Bitcoin the last few days. A few users from the BTC subreddit have started posting pictures of things they’ve purchased with their profits.

The first in a string of posts by /u/Boredguy32 includes a picture of a used BMW he purchased with his Bitcoin profits.

It looks like a few Tesla’s were also purchased!

Here’s a nice looking Jeep. A lot of these posts revolve around HODL’ing investments.


After the first couple of car related posts, users started posting other more (humorous) purchases. Like this pinball machine!

Or even cat food.

Being able to keep the house at a comfortable temperature works too!

Are all these Reddit posts legit?

Now whether or not these purchases were actually bought with Bitcoin profits is up for debate. However, it is very likely that at least some of them are legitimate. This is especially true for some of the early adopters of the popular cryptocurrency. Some have accused these posters of being whales, or those who own a disproportionate amount of the currency. 

Either way, these strings of posts do prove that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a worthwhile investment for some. Keep in mind that being able to purchase a BMW with the profits does mean that their initial investment was not small. We here at CoolWallet are in no way qualified to give investment advice. However, a smart rule of thumb is to never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

It is important to remember to keep your cryptocurrency safe in a hardware wallet, no matter how big or small the investment. Exchange hacks are still happening, even in 2020, so keeping your investment safe in cold storage is a no brainer. HODL with the best security and maybe one day, you’ll be able to post up your next big purchase on Reddit. 

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