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Music Group Hides Bitcoin in Latest Album

Well this is something new. To celebrate the recent halving, Logic Beach has put out a new record that includes BTC that will go to anyone that can solve its puzzle. The original prize was 0.03 BTC but has since been upped to 0.05 BTC thanks to an anonymous donor. The experimental synth group has since released the BTC address where the funds are located.

How does the Logic Beach BTC puzzle work?

In a Reddit post, instructions on how to download and listen to the album can be found. 

“’Bifurcations‘ by Logic Beach is a Lo-Fi, Synth-Glitch, experimental project I’ve put together to celebrate the halving and to have a bit of fun. You will need the Lossless versions of the songs to solve this thing. (download the .wav files).”

‘Bifurcations’ by Logic Beach contains clues to the seed phrase of a wallet containing BTC

The group has posted the album on BandCamp which is also where you can download the Lossless version for free. A video and more info has also been posted there. He also added that any additional donations would be added to sweeten the pot. 

To start the contest, he posted the wallet’s address which holds the prize Bitcoin. The address is “bc1qj7467e7r5pdfpypm03wyvguupdrld0ul2gcutg”. The first one to solve the 12 word seed phrase to that address can claim its contents. The contest will expire on May 21st. If no one solves it by the deadline, they will take it down and post the solution. 

Artists getting creative with cryptocurrency

Apparently this isn’t the first time an artist has creatively hidden cryptocurrency in their work. Not only is it a great way to gain new listeners, but also a way to get fans to dive deeper into their project. As far as solving the puzzle goes, we here at CoolWallet are stumped. There are a few musicians here at the office, however, they have no idea on how to even begin! You can follow the Reddit thread for more clues if you’re interested! Good luck!

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